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Real estates Croatia

Kroatien Exklusivimmobilien offers the possibility to choose from best houses, flats, lands and business properties in the entire Adriatic coast - real estates Northern Adriatic, real estates Middle Adriatic, Southern Adriatic real estates and real estate Istria.

As one of the most attractive destinations for domestic and foreign visitors, Kroatien Exklusivimmobilien offers a wide range of houses, villas, and apartments: real estate in Croatia near the sea, as well as exclusive real estate - first row by the sea. Characterized by beautiful views, Mediterranean climate, exclusive locations and a superb offer will inspire you to buy one of the selected properties. Houses in Croatia for sale reflect the colourful character of the area, while apartments in Croatia (also for sale) radiate freshness and panoramic views that you can only see in the Mediterranean.

Kroatien Exklusivimmobilien - your place on the Adriatic coast.

Real estates Northern Adriatic

Istria and the Northern Adriatic are famous for their exquisite gastronomy, various cultures that have shaped the present towns and cities throughout the centuries. Houses in the Northern Adriatic have unique features due to their location and quality of construction. Cities and towns like Opatija, Ičići, Moščenićka Draga and Crikvenica conceal villas in the Northern Adriatic which enable each and every customer a luxurious Mediterranean atmosphere and full access to a breathtaking offer. For those looking for smaller spaces, apartments in the Northern Adriatic create a special experience when purchasing your first property in Croatia - vivid and unique in their architecture and location, enabling a diverse offer that will not disappoint anyone.

Explore our real estate offer of the Northern Adriatic

Real estates Middle Adriatic

Middle or Central Adriatic is characterized by an indented coastline with a multitude of large and small islands that form one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Our offer of houses in the Middle Adriatic provides a great choice for those who are attracted to Mediterranean scents of hot summers and mild and rainy winters. Cities like Zadar and Senj are the centre of the region, where you can enjoy in various properties; villas in the Middle Adriatic reflect a diversity of construction, while apartments in the Middle Adriatic provide unique views of the most beautiful islands, both secluded and popular for visitors. Houses in the Middle Adriatic are lavished with views of the Croatian coast where you will enjoy every day.

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Real estates Southern Adriatic

Natural beauties, Mediterranean warmth, beautiful beaches and a clear sea feature this wonderful coastline and historical centres of the Southern Adriatic. Houses in the Middle Adriatic are located in the very proximity of the shore where you can watch the most stunning sunsets, and our large selection of properties expand throughout the region. If you are looking for villas in the Southern Adriatic, our offer includes top-quality properties that will leave you breathless. Even those looking for smaller spaces, apartments in the Southern Adriatic will not disappoint anyone. Sea view, famous Dubrovnik, and the surrounding area will lure you into the southernmost part of Croatia and bring you the delight of the sight that is waiting for you.

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Real estates Istria

Istria is the most famous region in Croatia by its gastronomy, superb wines and olive oil, recognized throughout the world. Houses in Istria reflect the picturesque stone style construction, traditional in this area, while modern construction allows a shift to the future. Waking up to the sounds of waves, fresh air and beautiful views affects everyone’s vitality and refreshes the personality. Villas in Istria are built in different styles; therefore anyone can find something for their taste. However, if you are looking for a smaller space or property, apartments in Istria will not disappoint you; the first row by the sea, an abundance of nature and friendly people will attract every Mediterranean lover right in this region.

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Real estates first row by the sea

Seafront real estates allow fulfilment of everyone’s dream: waking up by the wonderful Mediterranean scents, fresh and healthy air, one of the most pleasurable climates in the world and spaciousness of beaches; who wouldn’t want to wake up by the most picturesque scenes of the Mediterranean climate? Real estates first line to the sea allows you to fulfil your dream and imagination of charming landscapes. Fascinating images of the Mediterranean area can be yours with the help of our top real estate offer. Explore our real estates for sale, first line to the sea, and you will be thrilled by the astonishing and scenic views of this area.